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March 02, 2010



I just added this to the resource list for The Public School NY’s “The Page + The Screen: Siting Text in the Early 21st Century and Beyond.” http://nyc.thepublicschool.org/class/1972

Kenneth M. Kambara

It's interesting that you posted this, as I was thinking last week about sending you an e-mail about participating in a blogposium on Contexts/ThickCulture on the future of print and how digitized and digitizable content strips the author of economic power.

What I've been thinking about are the possibilities in the interstices between print and web, which I saw as a space of æsthetics. I say this as I flip through Jennifer Lovegrove's Dig , a Toronto poetry/short prose/visuals zine, offering a tactile and visual experience. Print also serves as a signifier of identity in personal living spaces. How will the urban haute bourgeoisie and hipsters check each other in situ out without books on bookshelves and CDs in CD racks? I also read on another blog of yours about the combination of print & event. More mutations.

The web scales upwards, print scales back. I just wonder, what are the the various complements?

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