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January 25, 2010



A few years back, I took hires photos of the double-oversize first edition of LLV back when I had ILL privileges. The book was one of many inspiring reads during my visiting year at Wurster, Barrows & Haas.

I think you're definitely on to something, as I stay awake at nights thinking about Web 2.0+, social media, and what does content really want? The music industry is slowly understanding that the content is often the loss leader, no matter where you are along the long tail. It's beginning to be all about the spectacle {live performances}, as well as repurposing content {licensing} for different contexts. It's as if Debord and Benjamin had an illegitimate love child who doesn't want to follow any rules.

I agree that communication is critical, but I get this feeling that we're still playing with tools that, along a continuum, are closer to tin cans and string than we may realize. It is about richer media, but as they relate to social interactions and community {in the broadest sense}.

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